Z-Wave Dana Lock circle

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The ZEC 100 Danalock is a smart lock from Poly Control to upgrade  your existing door lock. You will need no more key to lock or unlock  your door. With the Danalock you can control your door lock with a Z-Wave Controller or via Z-Wave Gateway with your Smartphone. From insde the room you can operate the lock by touching the user button. Within the scope of delivery you will not get a Danalock cylinder to  replace the existing cylinder of your door lock. You will get the doorlock cylinder in our store. Following article  numbers are applied for the cylinders:- POL_PC30, POL_PC35, POL_PC40, POL_PC45, POL_PC50 (Image of a Danlock cylinder) Scope of Delivery: Danalock main device adapter piece screwdriver Attention: The product is not yet supported by Fibaro Homecenter 2 and Homecenter  Lite. This is planned for Version 4 of the gateway software.