Temperature sensor with binary sensor input

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The ZME_MTEMP is a temperature sensor reporting its measured value via Z-Wave. Additionally the device has is a digital universal sensor reporting an external dry contact status via Z-Wave. The device furthermore uses the temperature sensor to offer a thermostat function controlling external heating and cooling devices. To use this function trigger values for min and max temperatures can be programmed. Reaching these trigger values result in sending out Z-Wave control commands to Z-Wave controllable heating or cooling devices. All three functions can be used in parallel. Some IP Gateways may however only offer a widget for the temperature sensor function as its primary function.The device is battery operated and can be mounted on every flat and dry surface using screws or double sided tape. Of course it can also just be placed on the desired position. With +/- 0.2 K the temperature sensor is quite accuracy but may need calibration by changing the offset function via configuration parameters. Rapid temperature changed may be detected with delay due to the isolating function of the plastic enclosure.