Noninvasive and not destructive interventions to bring a building in step with the times


SATRO SAS is the owner Company which manages KIRYS HOTEL, a 90 rooms receptive structure sited in the south of Italy. The structure offers a restaurant, outdoor swimming pool and tennis courts services just near skiing parks and ranches where rent horses to go riding in nature.


Too many energy consumptions. The continuous growth of the activities during the years (since Hotel foundation) has brought the structure to increase energy consumption. The owner was asking for saving it. Together with the problem of energy saving, there were problems for security and finally, it was the time to transform an old style look in a new modern one.

Last but not least, owner desire was to avoid any disruptive action on the building to save money and speed up activities without stopping Hotel services.


Among the others, system integrator activity was the one correct for the case. VEMAR is the only Company in the area able to manage with several systems and integrate them into a modern network solution.

After a deep analysis of the problems, we decided to propose

  1. replacement of all the fluorescent lamps of the buildings with lower consumption led lamps
  2. replacement of all room door locks with RFID door locks battery powered
  3. providing each room with an RFID Energy Saver
  4. providing each room with a Z-Wave Relè/Meter
  5. installing a security video system
  1. Easily by replacing fluorescent lamps, it was possible to reduce energy consumption more than 35% without any particular action: we provided the customer with new led lamps and he replaced them by itself. This operation had the best return both in term of energy saving and economy resources. It was possible to redesign illumination choosing the appropriate light color for each area of the building.
  2. Rooms doors had traditional lock system onboard. A new look was required. Various options were considered but the customer wanted something affordable. This excluded door replacing or something to electrify them because he didn’t want to break doors or walls.An acceptable solution in terms of costs and functionality was found in KABA CONFIDANT smart lock system. This RFID smart lock system is battery operated and guaranty up to 50.000 operations or up to 3 years functionality without changing the batteries. Like other standard solutions, these hight technological smart locks let guest, security staff and internal personnel use RFID badges to access the rooms as it needs. They can be used single access badges (commonly only for the guests), maintenance badges, security pass par tout.
  3. The presence of the RFID badge gave us the opportunity to introduce in each room other interesting features. To stow the badge once inside the room and avoid to forget it everywhere, it was necessary to have a place where put it safe. This gave us the idea to use a wall mounted badge pocket to stow it and also for save energy of the room. An RFID reader inside the wall pocket can verify the presence of RFID badge and then it can command the turning ON of the room power supply.
  4. By the use of Z-Wave relays, it was also possible to automate the guest building. An Energy Driven Switch by Widom, able to manage up to 3kW power, is installed in each electrical wallboard of the rooms. This relay provides the room with the power to all the principal loads excluding only auxiliaries. Because it can receive a command from a button or an interrupter, we used it to receive a command from the RFID reader. So, when the badge RFID is inside the wall pocket, a command is sent to the relay and it power ON the room. Of course, it can be disabled or activate remotely because a Zwave controller manages all the Z-Wave mesh network. So we've built up an 80 nodes mesh network plus 1 controller (only 80 rooms were upgraded over 90) distributed on 3 floors of the building. Managing network in these conditions is not easy as we imagined at first. It was necessary to individually configure each node to minimize redundant communications and avoid then too much latency in the transmission of the commands. Despite of the mutual location of the nodes, the number of the hops let the system manage transmission in an acceptable manner.  The small latency is tolerated because the alternative is to reach room physically.
  5. Because of some theft during the years, it was growing the need of something to guaranty security in the area. TVCC was the answer. So we provided the structure with High definition Wireless IP cameras and we installed them in accordance with the requirement of the law on the privacy. 


Replacing of the lamps has given the possibility to save up to 40% of energy consumption for illumination. The installation of the RFID smart lock gave a new modern look. By the use of the RFID badge in combination with the wall pocket and Z-wave system, owner of the Hotel can monitor electrical consumption of all the rooms and switch ON/OFF the power supply to a single room from wherever he wants.  Non more active loads if the guest is not in the room. Guest receive an RFID card which he uses to open the room door and to power his room by placing it in the Energy Saver. The owner can also check for goods, customers and personnel safety with the installed IP cameras.

Everything was done without invasive actions and during usual activities of the Hotel without any interruption.


Soon it will be possible for the guests to use RFID badge card to purchase goods or services in the Hotel and at the associated partners. By implementing a new feature it will be possible to check the presence of the guest in the room and provide him with new customized services. 


“Unbelievable. We were considering ways to renew our buildings and contain energy consumption. All of them found were in economically complex and difficult to execute directions as they required discontinuities in the provision of hotel services. Looking at the simplicity of operation with which room upgrades and all other activities have been performed without interfering with hotel services, the question is: why didn’t we do this before?”


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